call me crazy one more time. (super_six_one) wrote in super_fic,
call me crazy one more time.

Hello! I'll be using this to post my progress for NaNoWriMo 2007. I'll also possibly be using this to post other things: fanfiction, icons, fanfiction, TV/Movie reviews, fanfiction. K, you get it.

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Hi! :)
The layout is so pretty! Shiny~ 8D;; Pity it's of the harbour though..;) j/k
So judgemental! lol

I'm gonna make a real pretty header for it, once my desktop is up an' working next week. I'm thinking San Diego or NYC. Any suggestions?
Mm, the bright lights of Sydney have never been so alluring..

8D;; I have no idea what any of those skylines look like. Still, I'm sure whatever you end up making'll look just peachy.
I wasn't talking skylines. I was talking ideas in general, actually. 'S all good, though.